How good are your best birds? Come test them against some of the best racing pigeons in Oklahoma!
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Payouts and Rules

Wincompanion live clocking will be used.

100 Mile Race for Points Only
150 Mile Race for Points Only
225 Mile Race
  1st Place - $2000
  2nd Place - $1500
  3rd Place - $1000
  4th - $700
5th - 10th Place - $500
  11th - 15th Place - $300
  16th - 20th Place - $250

325 Mile Race
   1st Place - $3500
   2nd Place - $2500
   3rd Place - $2000
   4th - $1500
5th -
10th Place - $1000
   11th - 15th Place - $750
   16th - 20th Place - $500

1st Highpoint Bird: 4 Races $3000
2nd Highpoint Bird: 4 Races $2000

Payouts Based on 250 Paid Birds Going to the 1st Race
More Paid Entries = More Prizes

  1. Perch fees must be sent with birds or before.
  2. Send birds Feb. 15th - June 15th.
  3. Perch fees: $100 each or 5 for $400.
  4. All birds will be vaccinated for pox, PMV, and Salmonella.
  5.10th flights will be cut and pulled.
  6. Race fees: $150 each.
  7. Race fees must be paid Immediately after the 75 mile activation toss and before the 1st race.
  8. Race fee refunded for each paid bird not making it to the 1st race.
  9. 100% of all remaining race fees will be paid out in prizes.
10. In the event of a tie (2 or more birds clocking at the same second) on a prize winning position, payouts will be adjusted to compensate that bird or birds.
11. Birds not activated (perch fees and race fees not paid prior to the 1st race) become the property of Bobby Pollock.
12. Breeder retains ownership of all activated birds.
13. After final race birds will be returned at owner's expense.
14. Owner must arrange to have birds returned within 10 days after final race or birds become property of Bobby Pollock.
15. Race series will most likely begin in November.
16.1st drops split prize money, all others paid by trapping order.
17. W-9 and 1099 tax forms for winners of $600 or more.
18. Bobby Pollock reserves the right to make all final decisions.