How good are your best birds? Come test them against some of the best racing pigeons in Oklahoma!
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Ad is one of the greatest racing pigeon fanciers of all time. Check out the articles section of this website
If you are a racing pigeon fancier, you need to be a member of the American Racing Pigeon Union.
Clean. High Quality. Excellent feed for pigeons. Many different mixtures. Des Moines Feed Co. has the right mixture for every aspect of pigeon keeping. Individual grains and seeds available. Got questions about feed? Ask for Stan Holt.
Help promote and support pigeon racing by joining the International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers today. 
IPigeon offers high quality racing pigeons for sale every week. Bidding ends every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m.
The Loft Report posts several interesting articles every week. It’s definitely worth checking out.
Frank continues to search the world for impact pigeons. He has been a true pigeon friend to me for many years. He is friendly, honest, and extremely knowledgeable about racing pigeons. Check out the secrets section of his website.
This is "the" organization for fancy pigeons. Their Grand National Pigeon Show each year is an awesome experience. If you like pigeons, you have to attend the NPA Grand National Show at least once.

A great group of racing pigeon fanciers! The North East Oklahoma Pigeon Club is made up of approximately 60 members. Some young bird races have over 1500 birds. If you want to be competitive against this group, you better bring all of your “A” game.
Owned and operated by Daniel Feltenstein. Dan is a master pigeon flyer and his online pigeon auction has had a good reputation. If you want high quality birds for reasonable prices, check out this site.
So much pigeon information you can spend hours a day going through everything. A lot of interesting info from fellow fanciers as well.
Racing pigeon auctions for the best lofts in Europe. New articles every day. Loft reports, vet reports, race results, and much more. If you like racing pigeons, you will love this site.
Owned and operated by Ed Minvielle. Not only does Ed sell pigeon supplies, he is a passionate racing pigeon fancier. Siegel's Pigeon Supplies maintains a complete inventory of pigeon products. If they don't offer it, you probably don't need it.
Reliable electronic timing system of the highest quality. Trapping systems can be designed using one antenna or multiple antennas to allow the user to time many pigeons simultaneously. So easy to use even a caveman can do it.
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